Summer and lots of events are coming.
San Vito Lo Capo and its colours, flavours and music are waiting for you.


San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is distance about 35 km from Trapani. It is a fishing village. Near Trapani and the airport of Palermo, it is a favourite destination for Italian and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the clear sea in San Vito Lo Capo, admire the golden beach and live Sicily and its food and its wine..

The tourism season in San Vito Lo Capo lasts almost eight months, thanks to the several events one after another one: sportculturefood and music are the best attraction for the citizens of all the province of Trapani and, naturally, they increase the national and foreign tourism.

Internation Festival of Kites

Everybody looks at the blue sky! From 16th to 19th May San Vito Lo Capo hosts the event that marks the beginning of the touristic season: the International Festival of Kites and of Wind


The ideal location for this awaited event is the beach of the little fishing village. Thanks to its spring wind, the event enjoys kites lovers and experts, who are from all around the world.

The kites flutter and paint the blue sky of San Vito Lo Capo. There are kites for everyone: several shapes and sizes; built using leaves, rice paper and other materials.

The shows will last from morning until late at night. In the evening the pyrotechnical kites in flight will create a light play as fireworks..

To entertain the spectators, there will be also workshops and hot-air balloons exhibitions. During the workshops, the organisers will give the participants all the necessary for designing, realizing, painting and assembling their own kite.


The paragliding and the kitesurfing activities will make even more magic, amazing and colourful the “International Festival of Kites”.

The program of the shows, exhibitions and competitions changes every year; the constants of the “Festival of Kites” are the environmental sustainability, the messages of peace and freedom; of art and creativity; of the sharing among different nations, people and cultures.

Mondo Sound Festival

Who doesn’t like to spend summer evening listening to good music? For the first time, San Vito Lo Capo hosts the first edition of Mondo Sound Festival.

The Festival is for everybody. Twenty artists from all around the world will play ten different musical genres.
During these days, San Vito Lo Capo will be the Mediterranean Capital of Music: three days full of exhibitions, concerts and fun. People will play, sing and dance following the music from Sicily, America, Africa and Mediterranean, in San Vito Lo Capo that is one of the most famous tourism destination of western Sicily.


Mediterranean melodies, afrobeat, cumbia, calypso, folk: Mondo Sound Festival is a travel through the music; an intercultural travel between different cultures

SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival

From 14th to 19th July, San Vito Lo Capo will host SiciliAmibiente, an International festival in which documentaries, short films and animated films will be screened. The films and documentaries themes are the sustainability, the environment and the human rights. The “SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival” wants to spread the “culture of sustainability” because it gives all the people of the world advantages and benefits.
The Film Festival wants to interest all the people and tourists being in San Vito Lo Capo, organizing book presentation, photographic exhibitions and offering an aperitif with biological and km0 products.

Libri, Autori e Bouganville

«We could say that culture goes on holiday in San Vito Lo Capo; it offers his guests interesting evenings and unforgettable events».


Near the Santuario della Madonna in San Vito Lo Capo, there’s a little street, Street Venza, that every summer hosts the literal Festival “Book, Authors and Bouganville“.

Authors and journalists talk about themselves and their works during such meetings that give them the possibility to share their experience in a moment of mutual listening.
The meetings sometimes end tasting typical local products.

Cous Cous Fest

In San Vito Lo Capo September means Cous Cous Fest.
The star of the event, in its 22th edition, is the cous cous – a dish having Tunisian origins. Forty recipes will be prepared for everyone: cous cous of fish, meat, vegetables, exotic taste.

From 20th to 29th September, in San Vito Lo Capo people will live ten days rich of international and cultural exchangestypical local products and cous cous tasting – the star, the main dish of the Mediterranean cuisine -, cooking showmusicshows and a lot of fun.


Cous Cous Fest is an event for everybody who loves the good food, for who loves trying new flavours and for who is a lover of traditional Trapani cuisine
It is an event for who loves seeing chefs, from all over the world, cooking their specialties and their version of cous cous.


Cous cous Fest” is the “International Festival of cultural integration“; it takes place in San Vito Lo Capo that for ten days becomes the village of ethnic multiculturalism; it is an ideal occasion to spread messages of peace and integration.

There will be so many events from the morning to the night; international contests of cous cous, talk shows, cooking shows by chefs with Michelin stars, interviews to the most important food critics, shows and concerts of the most famous singers.


People eat, drink, sing and dance in the beach or in the place; in San Vito Lo Capo that hosts, welcomes and let people have fun.

San Vito Climbing Festival

In San Vito Lo Capo there will be an event for sport lovers, too. In October, the Climbing Festival interests sportsmen and climbing lovers.
Every day, hundreds of athletes challenge in different sports, competitions and mountain bike races.
Besides the sport events and meetings, there will be concerts, freestyle shows and cinematographic fair.

How to reach San Vito Lo Capo from Trapani

By car 

From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Trapani.

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