Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1


  • 4 Guests
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Terrace
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Whole Apartment

Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 will be at your disposal.

Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 is in the historic centre of Trapani , in the quartiere Palazzo. The exclusive quarter has ancient origins, it dates back to the end of the XIII century. Nowadays it is known as San Lorenzo or Tramontana quarter. The apartment is recently restored. It is for up 4 people. It is on the 4th floor of a Liberty style palace, one of the few palaces having a lift. Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 gives an astonishing view of the ancient city walls of Tramontana and of the city of Trapani. The apartment is very sunnyfresh, furnished with such simple refinement that makes our guests’ holiday a pleasure and a relaxing moment.

The silence of Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 makes it stand out.
Even if the apartment is in the heart of the Trapani movida, the only noise our guests hear is the lapping of the underlying sea.

Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 has one large kitchen, one bathroom with shower, one double bedroom and one living room with a sofa bed.
The apartment is ideal for every guest who want to enjoy the beauty of Trapani and its churches, its ancient palaces and its city walls; for every guest who want to see the open-air markets, the small shops and to live Trapani and Sicilian everyday life.

Thanks to its poggiolo from which it takes its name, our guests can admire the Trapani coast, from Ligny tower to San Giuliano mount; the littoral with its golden sandy beaches that turn pink during the sunset.

The Quarter

Historic Centre

  • Address: Libertà street, 108
  • Zone: Historic centre
  • Quarter: San Lorenzo quarter
  • City: Trapani
  • Zip code: 91100
  • Region and State / Nation: Sicily, Italy



Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1


Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 and its location, its view of Trapani littoral, the large spaces and the comfort make unforgettable our guests' holiday.


Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 is in the historic centre of Trapani. On foot our guest can reach the port, the sandy and rocky beaches, the most important museums, churches and open-air markets.


Thanks to its northwest location, Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 is a sunny and cool apartment in every hour and season.


Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1 is in front of the sea. It offers our guests a quiet and relaxing stay.


Space and Rooms

  • 1 Double Bedroom
  • 1 Large Kitchen
  • 1 Large Living Room
  • Bathroom

Accomodations and Essentials

  • 1 King-size bed
  • 1 Double Sofa bed
  • 1 Shower
  • 1 Lift


  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heating
  • Washing machine
  • Dish washer

City tax not included
Final cleaning not included

  • Bath towels
  • Bed sheets
  • Soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Phone
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Kitchen accessories

What are there in the vicinity?

Train 1km

Cableway 4.2km

Bus 500mt

Airport 18km

Port 1km

Hospital 4.3km

near the Apartment poggiolo sulle Egadi 1

Experiences of Art, Food, History and Culture, which you find a few kilometers from Poggiolo sulle Egadi 1


Porta Botteghelle beach

0 mt
It is a suggestive golden sandy beach; a favourite destination for its clear and calm water. It's ideal for families with children.
It is alongside the ancient city walls of Tramontana and that's why it is also named Tramontana beach.


Tonnara TipA

1.5 km
The beach of Punta Tipa is a little beach.
It is small and hidden but it's worth to swim there because of its clear sea and its white sand.


Ligny Tower

500 mt
The beach is divided in a zone with gravel and a zone with flat rocks where tourists can lie sunbathing admiring and enjoying the clear sea water.
Ligny Tower is in the extreme point of Trapani, in the western part.


San Giuliano Beach

2 km
The sandy beach stretches 4 km in the western coast, from Trapani to Erice.
It stands out as the other beaches in the northern coast ones for its golden sand, the clear and light blue sea.

Typical food to try

Granita with brioche

It is the typical breakfast in the summer mornings.
Granita is a typical Sicilian dessert that people usually eat with the Sicilian brioche.


pasta cu l'agghia

Pasta cu l'agghia is the typical sauce of Trapani (garlic, tomato, almond, basil). As tradition, the ideal kind of pasta for this sauce is the handmade busiata.



The Sicilian cannolo - u cannolu - is the most known sweet of the Sicilian bakery. It is known everywhere, in Italy and abroad.
It's worth to try it.


Sandwich with Panelle

If you say Trapani street food you suddenly think of the sandwich with panelle and its unique taste.
Panelle are made with chickpea flour.


Fish cous cous

Fish cous cous is the typical main dish of Trapani territory. It is known everywhere in Italy.

In Trapani, people usually eat cous cous with fried fish.


pane cunzato

Pane cunzato is one of the most known street food of Trapani. It is a piece of durum wheat bread filled with oil, anchovy, tomato, pecorino cheese and oregano.


genovese ericina

The genovese is the specialty of Erice, the medieval city. It is a short pastry filled with cream. There are some variants with ricotta cheese and chocolate cream.


Ice cream with brioche

A fresh artisanal ice cream to eat with the Sicilian brioche. A soft and warm and freshly baked brioche is filled with a fresh and artisanal ice cream that is prepared with local ingredients.


San Vito lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is an ancient fishing village. It is famous for its large and long sandy beach and its clear water, its lighthouse, its yearly events like the Cous Cous Fest or the International Kite Festival.



Between San Vito Lo Capo and Cofano mount, it stretches for about 2,5 km along the coast and a wonderful sea. It is characteristic for both its sandy and rocky beaches.


Egadi islands

The archipelago of the Egadi islands consists of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. They are famous for their bays, stacks, their beaches and their wild nature. Egadi islands are easily reachable by ferryboat.



Erice is a medieval city on San Giuliano mount. It is characterised by alleys and decorated courtyards. It is famous for its artisanal ceramics and carpets.


The Tonnara of Bonagia

Bonagia is famous for its ancient tuna-fishing nets, the characteristic small port and the fish cuisine.


Saltpans of Trapani and Paceco

The saltpans of Trapani and Paceco: a suggestive landscape thanks to the several windmills and the salt hills that during the summer.



Mothia was an ancient Phoenician-Punic city that is in San Pantaleo island. Nowadays people can admire several historic finds belonging to different historic dominations.


Oriented Natural Reserve WWF

The Oriented Natural Reserve of the saltpans stretches between Trapani and Paceco and it covers about 1000 hectares.
It is the ideal destination for the pink flamingos and the herons.


Conte Agostino Pepoli museum

Conte Agostino Pepoli museum holds the most important and biggest collection of coral, gold and silver art; of Trapani majolica and the sculptures of the nativity.


Nubia museum of salt

The Museum of salt, built in tuff, shows the various phases of the salt gathering, the instruments, the mechanisms, the shovels, the wheels and the pinions.


Museum of Typography

The Museum of Typography shows the detailed reconstruction of an ancient small shop in Trapani.

The museum is unique for its cultural and tradition value.


Museum of Ligny Tower

In the Museum of Ligny Tower there are finds dated from the prehistory to the Phoenician-Punic age. From its terrace, people can admire and enjoy the view of Trapani and the sea.


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