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Trapani is the westernmost province of Sicily. We want to let you discover its natural and archaeological beauties. The raw materials make Trapani a food and wine tourism destination: the red garlic of Nubia, the Extra Virgin Oil DOP, the wine DOP, the salt IGP and the ancient whole “Tumminia”, just to name a few. . Trapani is surrounded by the sea and dotted with beaches and coves. It is the best tourism destination for who love the nature and its important natural reserves, the Reserve of Zingaro in San Vito Lo Capo, the Reserve of the Saltworks of Trapani and Paceco, the Sea Reserve of Egadi islands, the largest sea Reserve of Europe.


Cultures and ancient dominations influenced both Trapani history and cuisine Each ingredient, cooking technique and cuisine routine reflect the ancient civilizations. «siamo i greci e i romanigli arabi e i tedeschi» Jaka “C’è nu jardinu”The song “C’è nu jardinu” (There is a garden) by the Trapani singer Jaka, says that Trapani people are the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Germans. The Greeks Thanks to the Greeks, in Trapani there is the grill cooking and the use of oregano, garlic and olive. The Rianata The Rianata is the typical pizza of Trapani; its ingredients are garlic, oregano, tomato, anchovies and pecorino cheese. In

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FOUR DAYS TO VISIT TRAPANI – Visit Trapani in few days

Visit Trapani in just for days. You can. For our guests, we thought four tours to discover the cultural, artistic and naturalistic values of Trapani and its surroundings. Just an only must-see: Trapani. Trapani Trapani is the “city between the two seas”: the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian sea. From Ligny Tower terrace which is an ancient watchtower where now there is the Museum of Prehistory, people can admire the sickle shape of Trapani and a long reef which divides the two seas. From Ligny Tower people go around the historic centre which shows the past dominations; in each little Street, Palace and Church you enjoy

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Summer and lots of events are coming.San Vito Lo Capo and its colours, flavours and music are waiting for you. San Vito Lo Capo San Vito Lo Capo is distance about 35 km from Trapani. It is a fishing village. Near Trapani and the airport of Palermo, it is a favourite destination for Italian and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the clear sea in San Vito Lo Capo, admire the golden beach and live Sicily and its food and its wine.. The tourism season in San Vito Lo Capo lasts almost eight months, thanks to the several events one after another one: sport, culture, food and music are the best

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